I had my first garden with my dad when I was a girl.  Plucking warm pear and cherry tomatoes off the vine and popping them in my mouth is a fond memory.  Planting seeds, watering them and waiting for the expected miracle of germination is something I never tire of.  The woods were nearby when I was growing up in Murphys.  As a teen I would take long walks there and lie under the branches of an oak and ponder life. 

 It seemed natural that I would eventually expand my growing of culinary plants and herbs to medicinal herbs.   Over the years working in health care I heard many stories of the help that complementary therapies provided for my patients.  We know that alternative therapies are not always embraced by the prevailing allopathic heroic medicine model, but I thought something was going on here that was effective and wise. I have now seen so many times that when people take in the healing nature of plants good things happen for them.​

Eventually I was able to begin my serious study of herbs.  Starting with the Sierra Institute of Herbal Studies Intensive with Dodie Harte in 2008 followed by the advanced class the following year was the beginning of what will be continued study that I don’t see ending.  Since those first classes, I have also taken classes from Rosemary Gladstar, Jane Bothwell, Ed Smith, Kathy Keville, David Hoffman, David Crow, Richo Cech and others.  I have taken the Floracopeia Aromatherapy Foundations course from Jade Shutes and David Crow.  I have been able to visit and tour Horizon Herbs and Herb Pharm in Grants Pass Oregon.  Studying with on line classes and in person retreats with one of my heroines Tieroana Low Dog MD led me to apply to the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine, a two year program which I completed in September of 2016.

​ My formal education is as a nurse practitioner and study in public health.  My informal education occurs with the plants in the garden and in the woods and with the dried herbs and powders I have. Watching, tasting and breathing in the world of the plants is not something that is measured or certified!  It just is, and I would not consider it possible to offer a class on herbal medicine without that experience.

So come join me in a cup of tea and we will explore the green world together…





Laureen Campana Schermiester​